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Who We Are:

Mekala Powdercoat & Patio Mfg is a decorative and protective metal finishing company located in the Campbell Industrial Park on Oahu. We refurbish commercial grade outdoor patio furniture for hotels, condominiums, etc.

What We Do:

It often makes more sense to refinish, repair and restore the furniture you already own. Old pool furniture will eventually show signs of wear and tear, damage from dragging and even broken frames. Vinyl straps are prone to discoloring and breakage. Some finishes will chip or peel.

We will sandblast and powder coat your frames for maximum adhesion and durability. We will re-strap using American made virgin vinyl with built-in mildew inhibitors and UV stabilizers.

We can restore your furniture to its original look, or you can completely change the color for the same cost, which is much less than buying new. We have about 50 colors of both powder coat, and strap, to choose from, and we can also replace tabletops if needed.

Contact Us
You can reach us by phone:  808-682-3881 or e-mail: